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KeiWay Electrical Engineering Ltd was established in 2005 by two brothers both of whom served indentured apprenticeships under British Shipbuilding whilst employed by Appledore Shipbuilders of Devon in the UK. Having both served their apprenticeships the brothers continued to work at the shipyard both achieving managerial roles between 1984 and 2003 and were involved in the construction of forty nine new build vessels, during this time gaining extensive experience of all aspects of marine electrical engineering. Sadly the shipyard closed in 2003 no longer able to compete financially on an equal footing with emerging eastern European and Asian shipyards.

The brothers, determined not to let their extensive knowledge and experience in marine electrical engineering go to waste formed KeiWay Electrical Engineering in order to provide electrical design, consultancy and commissioning services to all sectors of the marine industry.

Since its inception KeiWay Electrical Engineering Ltd has strived to provide a high quality service at a competitive price to its customers with attention to detail, quality and professionalism being our primary concerns.